Over the years, the Geelong Revival Centre, under the Ministry of Pastor Noel Hollins, has produced an extensive series of Printed Leaflets to help. These materials have been used by the faithful to spread our message to the un-saved within Australia and abroad.

For I will give you utterance and wisdom which none of your opponents will be able to resist or refute.

- Luke 21:15


"Anyone who will not believe in God’s healing promises, [or] does not grasp the healing of God, should visit the doctor."


The Great Pyramid


GRC The great pyramid.pdf

"The Great Pyramid"


A simple factual comparison of Roman Catholic teachings concerning Mary, the mother of Jesus, with the words of Christ and His Apostles recorded in the Bible.

mary mother of jesus.pdf


The belief that man is descended from apes is not only farcical but also impossible to prove. There is not one shred of evidence in any form, anywhere on Earth, to support this belief.


The Millennium Myth

Why the year 2000 did not begin a new millennium!

(3rd edition)

Millennium Myth - 3rd edition, 2013.pdf

Signs of the Times

The unrestrained natural appetites of men, women and children have led to moral perversion, drug addiction, promiscuity, pornography and filthy behaviour, with health authorities warning that sexually transmitted diseases are reaching epidemic proportions.

Signs of the Times.pdf

The British Throne Is Davids Throne

God said Israel is a stiff-necked hard-hearted people, not wanting to listen to His words.

Davids Throne.pdf

The Pope and The Church

Eight Bible reasons why the Papacy is erroneous.

the pope & church.pdf