The Biblical Message of British Israel

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Paster Noel Hollins, January 2020

Thanks brother Hardwick. Could we sing chorus 827? It's already been sung tonight, but I particularly would like to sing it. I'm talking about holding a banner high. There's a war raging, and we're here to fight that battle. In the name of the Lord so. Let's all sing very good.


The musicians can take their seats. That's an inspiring chorus, and it was written actually by a sister in the Assembly in Bristol, in England. We've always enjoyed singing it. Ever since.

I want to speak tonight about Bible prophecy.

There's a verse in Isiah 46 we won't turn to it. Uhm where God said who is a God like unto me? Declaring the end from the beginning. And from ancient times, the things that were not yet done. I have spoken it. I will do it.

The Bible is a book of pre written history.

The marvel of Bible prophecy. God knew the way man would go. We havent got time tonight to go into all the details. But the Bible, As events have taken place over the last, 2000 years and even in our lifetime we can identify as the fulfilment of prophecies made by prophets of God maybe 2000 years ago. Longer by Jesus himself.

He was the greatest of the prophets, son of the living God. I particularly want to talk about an aspect of prophecy. There are many aspects we could talk about. We haven't got time tonight. British Israel.

The British Israel message.

Jesus said to the Jewish people, the Kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

The Jews rejected Christ.

And the leaders of the Jewish people away with him crucify him will not have this man to reign over us.

So their opportunity to have the gospel of the Kingdom of God was taken from them in a national sense.

There are Jewish people who've been saved down through the ages, but as the people they still to this day reject Christ. Jesus said it shall be given to a nation Bringing forth the fruits thereof He also spoke to his disciples about rather go ye to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

What is British Israel? It's the identification of the Anglo-Saxon Celtic peoples who inhabited the British Isles and certain parts of Western Europe as the lost 10 tribes of Israel.

Israel was 12 tribes. Even the Jews admit that they can only trace their ancestry back basically, to two of those tribes Judah and Benjamin.

But what about the other 10 tribes specifically? Of course, the tribes of Joseph the birthright, he framed his son and Manasseh. To whom we read back in the very book of Genesis. Great promises were made by Jacob Israel, their grandfathers.

The identification of vulnerable prophecy is thrilling exciting. Full of light And understanding We praise God for that. If there are any new folks with us tonight I trust you get something out of this. You may not understand everything that I say.

Even the Jews.

As I said that they are not the descendants of the 10 tribes of Israel. Doctor Hertz, Jewish authorities. Others haven't got time to quote.

I talk about this work. Without the British Israel message, this work would not exist.

People who understood these prophecies of the Bible, and I go back several generations and others who received the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues could see these were great truths in the Bible, and they're not separate truths.

They're into interwoven with each other and this work came together. I don't have time to go into the detail, but it's a very interesting story.

Has made his word. The property if I can use that term or the inheritance of the church. The Bible talks about not religion. Not denominational religion, but the body of Christ filled with the Holy Spirit.

It's not by chance. This work would not have come into being without The British Israel message.

Without the message to the Gospel of Jesus, repentance and baptism and being filled with the spirit message of water baptism. Many other truths in the Bible.

Without the British Israel Message, this Assembly would not exist, nor any assembly In our fellowship, whether it be in Africa or in Asia or in Europe. Or in South America.

Australia at the end of the Second World War. The inhabitants of Australia with 96% descendants from people who came from Great Britain. Just over 3% of the population were indigenous indigenous Aboriginal people, 96%.

Australia was totally a British country. I know I make no apologies for saying that. In fact, it was as British as Britain. It was probably a few points of a percentage greater. Anglo-Saxon Celtic population Australia than it was in Great Britain itself. Anyhow, I won't go into too much detail there.

When I grew up, I saw I suppose what was the tail end of the British Empire? When I went to school we had Empire Day. We heard about. And if all iotic war, the Spanish are murder.

Australia was as British as Britain. All Australians were classed as Australian citizens but British subjects. There were no, there was no such thing as an Australian passport until about 1948. If you got a passport before that time, you got a British passport. Australian Citizen, subject of the Crown. How this country has changed? So much more could be said about that.

This message, this identification Of the 10 tribes of Israel with Great Britain is not something that Has just come to light in the last few years.

Rita Harris was the Queen's Counsel for Queen Victoria, rrote a book on the subject. And it's probable, and I've heard it stated more definitely, but I can't prove it that Queen Victoria herself heard about this.

I Have reason to believe that she possibly believed it, but that's beside the point. Rita Harris Queens Council had a book on the subject back in there. Around the year 1900 and others before him.

Every aspect of the Bible is attacked by wreckers, unbelievers. Enemies of the gospel. Gods creations attacked, can't spend time on that. The message of the coming of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues.

All the excuses I've heard under the sun. And often from religious quarters. Oh no, it's not for the dyno. You don't have to have it now. Scriptures misquoted by wreckers. Disputers of this world And it's no different. With the British Israel message or God.

When I got saved, all the old arguments were there then. I've got some papers at home. Printed 1888. A series of volumes called the Banner of Israel and they were added. Then there's always been enemies of the truth.

This truth is not based On historical records.

It is based on the Bible itself and what God said he will do. And has done.

Return to second Peter chapter one. Even the Bible tells us about fighting the good fight of faith. We read here in second Peter chapter one. Words familiar, I'm sure to many of us.

Those 19 we have also a more sure word of prophecy, where until you do well to take heed. As under a light that Shineth in her dark place until the day dawns and the day star arise in your hearts, the more sure word of Bible prophecy God spoke it, and he does it and will continue to do it.

And all these per for perverse disputing's of men of this world will just be dust in the ground, when it's all over. Knowing this first, the next verse That no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

It's not for our our brains to try and work it out.

Sometimes men with big heads have got involved and. Got nowhere but the very next verse: For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man, but holy men of God wrote, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.

And I speak to everybody here tonight that has received the Holy Spirit speaks in tongues. As we are moved and anointed by the spirit, so God unlocks the treasures. Of Bible prophecy to her understanding.

The natural mind of man cannot understand the Bible.

Any more than any of us could before we receive the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Bible became an open book.

But there are men of sin men who would like to close it again. And we heard the other night warnings about the Internet and all the rubbish and nonsense on the Internet. But there's nothing new under the sun.

Bible prophecy stands on its own. It came from God, men who were moved by the Holy Ghost. The more sure word of prophecy. Absolute and certain. We're told that the Old Testament about men in the army of.

King David. Before he became the King of Israel, men said Who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do? We need today people in this land in this assembly Who have understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do this country is in peril.

The world is in peril. Battle of Armageddon. Not too distant future, who knows?

But we need to have the answers within ourselves. Be led by this light of prophecy until the Daystar arises, Jesus comes. And there will be our fellow man. We'll need to have assured clear in a certain word.

A trumpet sound to show them what they ought to do, and all the people said. Now British Israel all well, I call it the Israel message is now. It's not that other people that were better than other people. But it is evangelical.

You go back to Abraham, the grand father of Jacob Israel, and God said he would make of him a great nation in Genesis 12 and a He finished up by saying. And in visual all families of the Earth be blessed.

The whole fabric and framework of the gospel is based on this promise to Abraham. Even the coming of Christ is all wrapped around this raising up of the Israel of God.

So it's not a nationalistic message. But... God committed his word to Israel, as I said, was such a nation. It was a part of what was then known as the British Empire.

We had a Bible. Sadly, we've turned away and now we're a mess. In a mess and not just Australia. But God gave his word to Israel. He promised to do that. To be the custodian to his word And to give it to the Rest of the world To be an evangelical people.

And praise the Lord, to some extent, It happened, and when we've gone to India and Philippines and other places praise the Lord. There have been people there back in the 1800s who took a Bible there. Bible prophecy we heard the other Nitrile moaning about The three witnesses necessary to establish a matter. It was mentioned about prophecy being one of those witnesses.

I want to speak, particularly the time I've got left About the throne. If we go back to Psalm 89.

People who are now being saved, for example in Africa As a result of this work, with a full message of full understanding. Is because of the, His, royal message God fulfilling his promise. Then Abraham would all families of the earth be blessed. They were to be a missionary nation.

Jesus died for the world. He gave this nation Israel his word as he promised it was not by chance the Reformation took place.

The Church of Rome was identified as the great idolatrous anti-christ.

The Bible Came into northwestern Europe. The results was England, once stated by a historian, was called the people of the book, and that book was the Bible.

We could say so much. There's so much in the Bible about this. Psalm 89 it talks about the throne of David David, the young Shepherd boy who slew Goliath, raised up by the Lord God, called him a man after his own heart, and he made great promises.

Verse 3. I have made a covenant with my chosen. I have sworn under David my servant. Vice Seed will I establish forever and build up. I thrown to all. All generations. Now, whether people like it or not, the throne of David God said, will exist.

Build up to all generations. And that throne of David. You read about in the Old Testament, up to the time of King's attic I. But God prophesied there was an attack by the Babylonians and the Kingdom at that time was overthrown because of their sin, but not the throne of David.

God said I load over Turner. We haven't got time to look at this tonight. Ezekiel 21 all overturn overturn overturn it. So not be again until he comes. Jesus, who's right it is. The throne of David. Turn the world today.

Queen Elizabeth sits upon the throne of David.

From the Middle East is Jeremiah the prophecy. Daughter of Zedekiah Here to the throne will the king was killed. All the Princess were killed. Only their daughters then became heirs. And of course, the record of The Irish kings descended from that Union of the daughter of a Zedekiah offered called Princess Tephi or Tamar Tephi to be okayed.

Point is that the throne was overturned, but then from Ireland it went to Scotland. In King James, the 6th of Scotland became King James the first of the United Kingdom. Seen 03. I think it was. It was transferred to London, overturned three times.

But this will not happen.

The Bible says until Jesus comes, of course, the throne then will no longer be in London. It'll be back in Jerusalem and Jesus will be care of kings and Lord of Lords.

But the point I want to make is God City will do this. These records would come along and say, oh, you know all sorts of excuses. Try to twist and change what the Bible is clearly saying, but you know people.

These people that want to knock the Bible. They don't even preach Bible prophecy. They're not interested in the truth. They're enemies of the truth.

We go down to. Have I sworn. By my holiness. That I will not lie under David. His seed chilli endure forever. And he's thrown as the sun before me. It shall be established forever. As the moon and is a faithful witness in heaven that witness is in the world today or the Bible is not true.

We we know the Bible is true and all the people said. So the thrill of seeing how God's word has been fulfilled, even down through history to this present time as a a faithful witness to us the world today is gone mad. And preparing weapons that could destroy the Earth.

Haven't got time to talk about that, but God has established a faithful witness that throne of David, which is upheld to this prison time. Not all the kings and Queens have been Perfect examples. Our present Queen obviously has taken her position very responsibly, responsibly.

But it's the throne. The God City would establish. Of course, King said a car in the Old Testament, a direct descendant of David, and so through the Irish schemes of Scottish Kings.

Our present Queen is a direct descendant of King David of the Bible, say clear, God said. Was often referred to as the son of David and he was through his mother Mary.

Of course he was Virgin born but Mary, her line, went back to King David. So Jesus also had a right to their throne and when he comes again he will sit upon the throne of David. Until he comes, whose right it is.

When Jesus was about to be born in Luke chapter one, you read her. I think it was. Mary was told that God would give her to him the throne of his father David.

To the New Testament. That throne of David. It's covered in the Old Testament in the New Testament Jesus at the moment is not on that throne. He's in heaven on the throne of his father.

The Bible says that the the day is coming when he returns, he will be given the throne of his father David. If he's given the throne of drivers, got home somewhere. Return to arxiv for 55.

I can only skim through things tonight. I have given myself permission to speak for 10 minutes longer. I thought that might happen, but sometimes there are subjects. I think they're worth doing that. I was I at 55. Some remarkable versus here. Oh sorry, I'm in the wrong shop do yet. Remarkable versus this,. Three, if we had time, we could look at more.

These are versus calling people to salvation. Verse three incline your ear. And come on to me. Here, and your soul shall live. And I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.

When we get saved We we we give out we repent we baptised we receive the Holy Spirit we speak in tongues. Mom says that he that Overcometh Jesus said I will grant to sit with me.

In my throne as I am sat down with my father in his throne. So when Jesus Reigns on that throne of David, we will sit there with him.

That's salvation to rule and reign with Christ. Oh, what a salvation this the Bible says he takes us from the dunghill And sets us among Princess. If only people knew. The greatness of this salvation would open their heart and turn to the Lord. It goes on. 1st for, Behold, I have given him David, for a witness to the people, a leader and a commander to the people. So oh God started with keen divert. He said he'd build up to all generations until Christ comes. And sits upon that throne. And the Kingdom is restored to Jerusalem.

In the letter, the New Testament is actually full of these wrong message. Surprising, I haven't got time to talk about it, James wrote to this tribes scattered abroad.

First. John, our first Peter to the chosen sojourners of the dispersion, the 10 tribes still dispersed. Migrating across Europe. Finally, as Danes and Celts and Angles and Jutes and all the rest into the British Isles as one historian said, they were kindred people shedding kindred blood. They fought a bit amongst themselves over the lands that they settled, but kindred people.

And he was a religious right. He was just a historian. The tribes of Israel. God said he would do that look if he had time. The Old Testament talks about his rolling in the aisles are far off. My was full of it. So even our salvation is wrapped up in this Kingdom of God, established first in David, finally in Christ. Now, under the Bible said.

Repent for the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Jesus came to open the door to us all. We praise the Lord that this gospel that the Lord has by grace given to us, we've seen it spread to non English speaking countries. People who for whom Christ died as much as he died for us, we have a job to do and all the people said.

But in first Peter It talks about All of the king. And it is a a letter particularly directed to the dispersed tribes of Israel.

Now time is getting by, but you know we need to have a vision. We don't know. I suppose we're not all going to get into all the depths of the prophecies, but if we are anointed by the spirit, if we are praying people and the blessing of God is in our heart, that word is their heart and our heart will respond to Bible prophecy.

And not to the critics. And the disputers of this world.

Praise the Lord. It's a spiritual message. It all relates to God's plan of salvation for the world. It's exciting, praise the Lord. Time is by and I thought we'd finished tonight. We always try to do this.

Once through came sing God save the queen. And it's in a hymn books. 768 I have the musician doubt.

It refers to our noble queen. She is noble because she sits on a noble, throne it represents. A noble fulfilment, if I can use it that way, of God's word.

The last verse we have in their book is not the official God save the Queen. It's a verse we've added ourselves. But Speaking of Christ and his return, the final end of the throne of David so 768 and let's all stand and sing from our heart.

God save the queen.