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Pastor Noel Hollins (Geelong) Preaching the "British-Israel" Message:

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The central tenets of British Israelism may have been refuted by so-called "evidence" from decades of archaeological, ethnological, genetic, and linguistic "research", but they live on at the Geelong Revival Centre - and its endorsed assemblies around the world.

Come along to one of our Sunday Night slide shows to hear more about this unproven theory of man, which just so happens to support the superiority of the white race.

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The Royal lineage from Abrahram through to Queen Elizabeth II. This unbroken connection over thousands of years, to the current Monarch is made possible via the absolutly-NOT-made-up "Tea Tephi". Tea was a legendary princess "discovered" by British Israelite "experts" during the 19th century.

Pastor Tony Addison (Adelaide) Preaching the Seperate Creation of the Coloured and White Races:

Pastor Tony Addison (Classic "7th Day Man", Adelaide).
  • God created the coloured races on the SIXTH DAY, and the white race on the SEVENTH DAY.

  • "Seventh Day" man are today known as the anglo-saxon and celtic peoples.

  • "Sixth day" man was corrupted by the devil, long before the creation of "Seventh Day" man.

  • Sixth day man can be traced back 40,000 years, while Seventh day man can only be traced back 5-6000.

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